Internet Companies

These are companies that move the world, explore needs and solve problems for users and businesses. See it as a list of companies that succeed on providing outstanding user experience and thrive to continuously re-invent themselves. I recommend having a look at these internet companies for many reasons. They solve a real problem, which is making life easier for users and businesses. Furthermore they also provide a tool for professionals to help make their job better and achieve greater results. We can learn a lot from these internet companies in terms of best practices, user testing and product design.
This list is subject to continuous updates week by week, so make sure to check back.

Internet Company nameShort descriptionWebsiteWhat do they do?
Asana-logoProject Management Software is the brain child of Dustin Moskovitz and Justin Rosenstein (both ex. Facebook).

Teamwork without email. Create tasks/projects and invite team members/colleagues to comment and participate. No more scrolling through emails to dig for information. Puts tasks and conversations together to work more efficiently.

What makes it great: Easy to set up. You immediately benefit as it helps you structure your projects efficiently and get input by your team in an engaging way.

YouTube: Introduction to Asana
cluster-logo-bluePhoto sharing App for iOS and Android
The company builds on the idea to bring family and friends together by sharing photos privately through groups (App on Android/iOS).

What makes it great: Private and secure environment to share photos with your loved ones.

Co-founder Brenden Mulligan regularly writes articles. You can find one of his articles under User Testing in the Product Library.

Flow (Senic)Wireless controller for your computer and connected devices, which is completely programmableFlow on IndieGOGO

Flow is special and useful in many ways. It enables graphic designers, video editors and more to move away from using a keyboard and mouse and programme a wireless controller by setting up short cuts.

What makes it great: You have full control over your designs and more by using the device and your hand. It adds sensitivity to your creation process and seamlessly builds the bridge between time management and higher productivity.

GitHub-LogoCollaboration tool for Developers among developers can be challenging. Github provides a platform that makes it easy for you to communicate and work together with your peers. Github can be downloaded for free. After opening the application you can directly get started by creating repositories (your project where you'll collaborate) and fork a repository (you basically copy your original project to play around with it and make changes). You can send pull requests, follow your friends and take an interest in projects by watching them. You can even integrate your code for review in Asana, Pivotal Tracker or Zendesk

What makes it great: You get to share your code easily and have the opportunity to get some insight from other fellow developers.
InVision LogoWireframing software to build prototypes for web & mobile smartly capitalizes on the needs of a Product Manager having to come up with prototypes/mockups to show workflows Whether you would like to support your concept for web or mobile, Invision delivers a platform that lets you create great designs and showcases functionality of your product/feature.

What makes it great: First of all, it is free. Second of all, you get the hang of it pretty quick. Sky is the limit for your prototyping efforts.
Unbounce LogoLanding Pages and A/B Testing is good for all your mobile landing pages needs. For those looking for a quick and easy solution to build LPs for mobile and run A/B tests, this is a great platform. It enables you to choose from a large selection of mobile-responsive templates. The great thing about the templates is that you can customize them the way you want.

What makes it great:: Templates you can customize and easy implementation without necessary IT support