Product Knowledge

Product knowledge: A library, a glossary and internet companies

The product knowledge section consists of a list of internet companies, a product library and a product glossary. The goal is to make product knowledge more accessible and collected in one place. You can explore all sections and learn about best practices, impactful internet companies, user testing, product design and more. If you are quite new to Product Management the product glossary section, will help you to figure out some of the terms being used in the industry. I understand it can be very difficult to read articles and have to look up certain words one by one. Ideally the product glossary will help you acquire some new knowledge, which you can directly apply to your daily routine, in discussions or when digging deeper into other fields of Product Management.

Internet Companies

These companies move the world and solve problems.

Product Glossary

Feed your brain by soaking up some PM methods/terminology and explore other business terms and concepts.

Product Library

Here I will collect reading material for you on Product topics and related fields.